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Pen Name L.J. Rivers

Currently working on the wonderful world of Ruby Morgan.

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(A Stand-alone Elemental Monarchs Companion Novel)

Not all sins are forgivable

At five years old, Sinyara was taken by the Order, trained to become a Protector—a magical assassin.

She has always known what she is. Evil at her core, corrupted by the magic within. Her only shot at redemption is to rid the world of others like her; those with magic in their veins.

In the war to destroy magic, Sin must choose her loyalties. Her choice could cause the destruction of the magical community—or the desolation of her Order, her home and, with it, her entire identity.

Can she learn to trust that she holds more in her heart than darkness? Or does magic really corrupt all?

This is an Elemental Monarchs companion novel, which can be enjoyed by readers of the series but also by someone who doesn’t yet know the world of Aradria.




Reborn – The Spirit Collection
An Elemental Monarchs Collection

Get the first three books in the Elemental Monarchs Saga—All in one package!



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When there is no place to hide — run!

Everine Vargens is haunted by visions of the past. Except, it’s not the grief of losing her sister that causes the visions. It’s her newborn niece, Ayva.

Magical beings are hunted, and Everine knows it’s only a matter of time before the wrong people will discover the infant. Terrified for Ayva’s life, Everine leaves her home–and runs straight into Earthling and bounty hunter, Birken.

He knows what it means to be strange, to be distrusted. To be hunted. But he has agendas of his own. Will his secrets help protect the baby or will Everine face more danger than she can handle?

Together they bring the baby on a wild journey hoping to find a haven, if there are any left. Will they find one and survive, or will Ayva–and her magic–fall into the wrong hands?

This is Part One in the Elemental Monarchs saga.



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War is on the horizon—All because of her.

Because of her, war is coming. And she may be the only one who can stop it.

When Ayva comes of age, her powers manifest in ways that scare her. She fears because magic is considered dangerous in the world outside their mountain. Even her mother wants Ayva to hide who she is. But she’s driven to know why she can see the memories of others, and to discover what else she can do.

During Avya’s search for answers, she encounters new friends with powers of their own. Yet even while they join forces, the Heartless King is plotting his attack.

Archenon, known as the Heartless King, discovers the resurgence of Elemental powers–thought to be long gone from the world since his ascension to the Elemental High Throne. They pose a threat to his power, and he will do anything to stop them.

One young woman holds the key to the war between good and evil. Can the revival of old magic end a tyrant, or will the Heartless King find and destroy the alliance before it destroys him?


This is Part Two in the Elemental Monarchs saga.



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War is imminent

War is imminent, but balance must be restored….those were the words of Mother Nature herself.

While Ayva sails the seas with her companions, searching for allies, her mother has only one goal–to reunite with her daughter. The shaman’s ominous predictions causes Everine to fear that Ayva is about to be corrupted by her own magic. Everine ventures into the earth with a group of Earthlings. But the dark tunnels are a maze, and there are others hiding in the shadows.

Creos is still on the war path. After the end of one battle, he is hungry for another–and he too is headed for the battle that will tip the scales of fate–one way or the other. He will gladly execute anyone who might be foolish enough to stand in his way, and Everine has crossed his path one too many times already.

If Everine is to reunite with Ayva, she will need to face her demons head on, and she will have to live with the severe consequences of her choices as those around her get caught in the crossfire.

Can Everine survive the journey through darkness and get to her daughter in time? The Heartless King himself is after Ayva, and it’s only a matter of time before destinies collide.

This is Part Three in the Elemental Monarchs saga.



What is dead in Aradria, doesn’t always stay dead.

The news of a dragon in Lycobris travels fast, and Kenith feels the pull of the dragon more than anyone. They share the same affinity for fire, though something about the connection is wrong—broken. Struggling to find a balance in his relationship with Niila, he must also find a way to become the king his people needs. First though, he has to befriend a mad dragon, and take back his throne.

While Kenith struggles to come to terms with the path Mother Nature chose for him, there are other forces at play. Allegiances are shifting and friends turn to enemies. Some search for power or freedom, yet others seek revenge.

Old secrets are about to come to light as new secrets are kept in the dark. While myth turns to reality, Kenith returns to his homeland with a bounty on his head. He needs allies—and fast. Because something else that should have stayed locked away is about to break out of captivity.

This is Part Four of the Elemental Monarchs saga.

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*An SPFBO Semi-Finalist 2019*

Fate does not wait for you to be ready…

Elva lives a peaceful life with her tribe, practicing to one day become the noaidi—the shaman. Her peace is shattered when two viking earls arrive in the camp. Her grandmother, the current noaidi, is accused of witchcraft, and is taken away to stand trial before the tyrant king Olav. The punishment is death.

Elva is not ready to become the leader of her tribe, nor is she ready to let go of her grandmother. She is nowhere near strong enough to fight the vikings in Nidaros, but she has to try.

She’s an outcast in her own land, on a journey that will challenge her convictions, her faith and even her heart. Can Elva overcome the powerful enemy and rescue her grandmother?

Or will she add her name to the fallen?

“A masterfull description of the slippery slope leading to darkness”





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                                      LIV & LÆRE OM EVENTYRLIGE VESENER: DRAGER, BOK 1
Kontakt forfatteren direkte for norsk utgave


Abada Dracabra! Do you think you know all there is to know about dragons? Then you’d better think again!

Storm is an expert on wondrous creatures, and this time he’ll take you on a journey to the land of dragons. He will teach you what the different dragons are scared of, what they like and dislike, and what you’ll have to do if you suddenly find yourself faced with the fire dragon itself.

Life and lore of wondrous creatures is a series of fictitious non-fiction books about fairytale creatures for children aged 4-8 and adults who are young at heart.


«It’s tough, cool and “dragon-nice”. I like the Fire Dragon best because he’s dragon-cool and the king! And because he likes hot chocolate and ice cream, like me!”                        – Even, 5 years old

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Get it HERE                                                      Kontakt forfatteren direkte for norsk utgave

Storm is an expert on wondrous creatures, and this time he’ll take you along on a journey to the land of elves.

He’ll teach you what the different elves are scared of, what they like and dislike, and what you’ll have to do if you do not want the house elf to hide your socks.

Life and lore of wondrous creatures is a series of ficticious non-fiction books about fairytale creatures for children aged 4 – 8 and adults who are young at heart.

*Contains colouring pages for brave wonderers and an easy-to-read font for children learning to read.


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THE CURSE OF THE       ELF PRINCE                      – An Elemental Monarchs Aradrian Myth, from the land of Sonûdor. – Currently available to subscribers only!



THE IMMORTAL HULDARIN – An Elemental Monarchs Aradrian Myth, from the land of Sonûdor.
Currently available to subscribers only




A short story about finding the spirit of Christmas.
This is not Fantasy, and a little out of the ordinary for me. It’s simply a holiday gift from me to you.

It’s yours for FREE!