About the author

Linn Tesli is a fantasy author, writing for adults, as well as kids. She is hard of hearing, which means she can hear, but needs hearing aids. Working amongst other things as an author, translator and a layout-designer was the perfect fit. Her mind is always spinning, creating webs of new ideas, however quirky or surreal. Like the mad hatter said, “All the best people are mad”. Tesli enjoys her moments of madness.

Her current projects include book three in the series LIFE AND LORE OF WONDROUS CREATURES, an Urban Fantasy series about the half Fae Ruby Morgan, as well as a the second book in a historical fantasy series about an indigenous girl in Norway during the viking age. Series title: WHERE VIKINGS ROAM. Working title: The Fox and The King

Right, so, that’s me… I’d love to hear more about YOU! You can drop me an email at any time. If you’ve read anything I wrote, whatever your feedback might be, I’d really love to hear that too!

You can reach me at: mail@linntesli.com
If you want to take a look at my publishing site, you can pop on over here: 
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